Edexcel (KS4)

KS3 & KS4 Science


Curriculum explainer

Our science curriculum is built upon the exploration of big questions such as "What are living things and what are they made of?". Each unit develops scientific concepts within the national curriculum, and employs the latest research-based pedagogical strategies to address common misconceptions while enhancing pupils’ scientific knowledge and vocabulary effectively. Units are organised into threads for each big question, providing a cohesive and seamless transition between key stages and establishing a clear trajectory for learning progression. At every key stage, units within each thread progressively tackle a big question in a meaningful and age-appropriate manner, delving deeper into answers as pupils advance through the curriculum. The curriculum also emphasises the development of practical and fieldwork skills, mathematical proficiencies, and an understanding of scientific practices, all while embracing diversity as a fundamental principle woven into its fabric.

Subject principles

  • There will be a focus on building knowledge of key concepts in a way that reflects how knowledge is organised in the three scientific disciplines.
  • Content will pair substantive and disciplinary knowledge particularly around practical work.
  • Lessons will use a ‘big ideas’ approach to developing subject concepts.
  • Where there is a practical focus, it builds knowledge through the use of carefully planned and purposeful practical activities.
  • Where maths is taught or used in science, alignment with the sequence, language and approach used in the maths curriculum is considered.

Video guide

In this video, our science lead Elisabeth Pugh is joined by Peter Fairhurst and Alistair Moore, from our secondary science curriculum partner; the University of York Science Education Group. Here we take a look at some of the key thinking that has shaped our secondary science curriculum.

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Our curriculum partner

We are delighted to be collaborating with The University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) on our secondary science curriculum package. UYSEG are well known for their Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) curriculum package. BEST is designed to help teachers to develop evidence-informed practice and provide high-quality resources for effective teaching of difficult ideas, increased student engagement, effective practical work and embedded formative assessment.