In this lesson, we will be looking at religious views on abortion.


In this lesson, we will be looking at religious views on abortion.

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Key learning points

  1. Reasons for abortion
  2. Law on abortion
  3. Christian views (situation ethics, sanctity of life)
  4. Islamic views (lesser of two evils, command not to kill)
  5. Non-religious views (utilitarianism)


You will need two different coloured pens: black or blue and another coloured pen, such as green or red.

Content guidance

  • Contains subject matter which individuals may find upsetting.


Adult supervision suggested.


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5 Questions

Which is the correct example of Muhammad being kind to animals?
Muhammad always stopped to talk to cats and give them treats
Muhammad loved animals and set up the first animal hospital
Correct answer: Muhammad said that eggs should be returned to their nest when he saw how distressed the mother bird was
Muhammad was a vegan. He campaigned for Muslims to give up meat and dairy
What is food that is considered acceptable in Islamic food laws often referred to as?
Correct answer: Halal
True or false, some Christians believe that God originally intended humans to be vegetarian
Correct answer: True
Jesus and Muhammad were vegetarians. True or false?
Correct answer: False
Which answer below is not commonly given as a reason to not eat, or to reduce eating meat.
Animal welfare (they can feel pain / fear)
Correct answer: Because they're going through a teenage phase
Climate change
Intensive farming

5 Questions

Which group below usually believe that life begins at conception?
Correct answer: All Christians
Roman Catholics
Which ethical theory is based on the principle of doing the most loving thing?
Sanctity of Life
Correct answer: Situation Ethics
What view are Muslims most likely to have about abortion?
It is acceptable whenever a woman wants one, as it is her body
It is never acceptable under any circumstance due to predestination
Correct answer: It is only acceptable when it is considered the lesser of two evils (such as when the mother's life is at risk)
They think it should be legal to bring about the greatest good for the greatest number of people
Which of the circumstances below is NOT one in which a woman can have an abortion after 24 weeks?
If continuing the pregnancy risks serious physical or mental damage to the mother
Correct answer: If the mother didn't know she was pregnant
If the unborn baby is likely to be born with serious physical or mental handicaps.
When the mother's life is at risk
Which of the options below is NOT thought of as a potential time at which life begins?
At conception
At the first heart beat
When the baby could survive outside of the womb
Correct answer: When the baby is a week old

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