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  1. In this lesson, we will learn what a cyclical structure is and consider how 'Animal Farm' has a cyclical structure. We will then explore why Orwell might have chosen to use a cyclical structure in 'Animal Farm'.


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5 Questions

What is an example of propaganda being used in Animal Farm?
Napoleon starts living in the farmhouse.
Squealer makes the dogs growl at the animals.
Correct answer: Squealer tells the animals they have found documents proving Snowball was a traitor.
The Seven Commandments are changed without the animals realising.
How did the animals feel about 'Animal Farm?'
Correct answer: Proud
Why does Squealer spend so much time with the sheep?
Correct answer: He is teaching them a new song.
He is teaching them to chase the animals.
He wants to make them work harder.
He wants to teach them how to read and write.
What do the pigs reveal they can do that shocks the animals?
The pigs can hold whips in their trotters .
The pigs can read and write.
Correct answer: The pigs can walk on two legs.
The pigs can work on the farm.
The Commandment 'All animals are equal' becomes...
'All animals are equal but not as equal as you think.'
'All animals are equal but the pigs are the most important.'
'All animals are equal unless they can walk on two legs.'
Correct answer: 'All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.'

5 Questions

What is a cyclical structure?
A cyclical structure is when a story has the same word at the beginning and the end.
Correct answer: A cyclical structure is when the beginning of a story mirrors the end of the story.
A cyclical structure is when the same story is told multiple times.
A cyclical structure is when the story has no real ending.
What does Napoleon do which suggests he is becoming like a human? Hint - there is more than one correct answer!
Correct answer: Listen to the radio
Correct answer: Read the newspaper
Correct answer: Smoke a pipe
Correct answer: Wear clothes
Napoleon is wearing Farmer Jones' clothes - what does this suggest?
Napoleon enjoys wearing clothes.
Correct answer: Napoleon is becoming a tyrant like Farmer Jones.
Napoleon is cold.
Napoleon wants to be like Farmer Jones.
Who comes to visit the pigs in the farmhouse?
Farmer Jones.
Correct answer: Local farmers.
The animals.
What message was Orwell trying to give when writing 'Animal Farm?'
Orwell is warning people not to start rebellions.
Orwell is warning people not to take power.
Orwell is warning people not to trust pigs.
Correct answer: Orwell is warning people that all leaders will eventually abuse their power and become tyrants.

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