Applying a range of strategies to mentally calculate addition

Applying a range of strategies to mentally calculate addition

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  1. In this lesson, we will use mental strategies such as partitioning and adjustment to multiples of ten to add a range of two digit numbers together. .


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4 Questions

What does the word 'efficient' mean?
To do something badly.
To do something slowly.
Correct answer: To do something well without wasting energy.
Which of these is not a strategy for adding efficiently?
Changing the order of the addends to make a calculation easier
Correct answer: Finding the difference
Rounding and adjusting
Using doubling and halving
When adding 66 and 67 which is an efficient strategy?
Counting on in my head from the largest number
Correct answer: Doubling and adjusting
Drawing out a number line
When adding 69 and 81 which would be an efficient strategy?
Doubling and halving
Drawing out a number line
Correct answer: Rounding and adjusting
Using dienes

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