Background and context: Power in ancient Rome

Background and context: Power in ancient Rome

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how power worked in ancient Rome and the reason why some people wanted to assassinate Julius Caesar.


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5 Questions

Why did the Senate want to assassinate Julius Caesar?
Correct answer: He stopped listening to them.
He was at war for too long.
They didn't like his loot.
They weren't worried he was too powerful.
Why was Julius Caesar so powerful?
Correct answer: He brought back lots of loot from his military victories.
He controlled a small army.
He was very ambitious.
He was very strong.
Why was the Senate powerful?
They had a special building all to themselves.
They lived in Rome.
Correct answer: They were elected by the citizens.
They were given special clothes to wear.
What is the main theme of Julius Caesar?
Military victories.
Correct answer: The fight for power in ancient Rome.
The life of Julius Caesar.
The Senate.
Which option best describes a tyrant
Correct answer: A leader who is cruel.
A leader who wins military victories.
An elected senator.
Vlad the Impaler.

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