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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the origins of the Old English Epic poem Beowulf, and examine why it is still so important today.


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4 Questions

Which of these is NOT true of Epic poems?
There is a clear code of honour.
They are set in the past.
Correct answer: They have a romantic plot.
They involve heroes and gods.
If you were an Epic hero, what might you have to do? Select the odd one out.
Follow a strict code of honourable behaviour.
Go on a mission to steal something.
Correct answer: Learn a new skill, like crochet or origami.
Take a long journey somewhere.
What might get you in trouble in an Epic poem?
You keep forgetting to charge your phone, and can't use it to find your way.
You lost your best mate's favourite sword and now he's angry with you.
Correct answer: Your annoying personality flaw, like boastfulness.
Your forgetful nature: you got given a mission from a god, but forgot what they actually asked you to do.
What's the most heroic way to kill a monster in an Epic poem?
Correct answer: Kill it with your bare hands to demonstrate your superhuman strength.
Poison its dinner.
Tickle it to death.
Wait until it's asleep, then attack it with your sword.

6 Questions

Which of these is another name for Old English?
Correct answer: Anglo-Saxon
Where would you expect to hear Old English poems being sung?
During a battle.
Correct answer: Indoors at a feast.
Outside in a garden.
How would you recognise Old English writing?
It would be written in purple pen.
Correct answer: There might be runes or additional letters.
You can't - it's identical to modern English.
Why is the Beowulf manuscript so valuable?
It is signed by J.K. Rowling.
It's made of gold.
Correct answer: There is only one copy - it's completely unique.
Which of these phrases best describes the Epic poem?
Correct answer: It's a poem about heroic deeds and reputation.
It's a poem about loyalty and friendship.
It's a poem about revenge and punishment.
It's a poem about romance and undying love.
If you want to see the manuscript of Beowulf, where would you visit?
Correct answer: The British Library
The British Museum
The National Archives

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