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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about what the Black Death was and how the Silk Road became responsible for spreading it across the world.


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What is the definition of quarantine?
Where all people will work together to find the best treatment of a disease.
Correct answer: Where people will isolate from each other when they are sick to stop the spread of disease.
Where people will visit one another to look after the sick.
How many days did the Italians force visitors to stay quarantined on their ships before landing?
Correct answer: 40
3, How did the Silk Road transport the Black Death?
Transported the disease from America to Australia.
Correct answer: Transported the disease from China and India to Europe.
Transported the disease from China to India.
How did the Mongols help spread the Black Death?
Correct answer: By invading Caffa and catapulting infected corpses into the Genoese's castles.
By invading Caffa and refusing to quarantine themselves
By invading Caffa and releasing many infected rats into the area.
Why did people continue to use public baths once the Black Death hand entered their town/ village?
Fleas can't swim so people wouldn't be able to get infected in the baths..
People thought that washing more frequently would get rid of the disease.
Correct answer: They had no understanding of how diseases spread as germs had not been discovered.

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