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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how the Normans kept the Saxon population from rebellion against their rule.


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5 Questions

What is the definition of a widow?
A woman who had lost their child.
Correct answer: A woman who had lost their husband.
A woman who had lost their land.
A woman who had married a Norman.
Why were Saxon noblewomen widows vulnerable?
Correct answer: They could be pressured to be re-married because people wanted their land.
They could have their money stolen from them.
They might not be able to have more children.
William wanted to kill all Saxons.
What did William make Saxon noblewomen do?
Give him their children.
Give him their money.
Leave the country.
Correct answer: Marry Norman nobles.
What did Anglo-Saxon women help to preserve?
Inheritance laws.
Rules on arranging marriages.
Saxon control of the land.
Correct answer: The English language.
Why did lots of Anglo-Saxon noblewomen obey William's orders even if they didn't want to? (Tick 2 boxes)
He paid them to
Correct answer: They didn't want to become nuns
Correct answer: They wanted to still have a safe place to live
They wanted to surprise him when they rebelled later

5 Questions

Which was the safest part of a castle?
The bailey
Correct answer: The keep
The moat
The palisade
Why did the Normans build castles? (Select three)
Correct answer: For attack and defence
In order to house the Saxons who had lost their homes
Correct answer: To control the surrounding countryside
Correct answer: To show the Saxons their power
Why did the northerners rebel against William? (Select all that apply)
They didn't like the taxes their Norman lords kept charging them
William didn't keep promises to give the loyal men land
William had burnt their castle down
Correct answer: William had forced them to accept him by being violent
What did William do to the rebellious northerners?
Evicted them from their farms and made them move to Denmark
Forced them to march down south to apologise
Correct answer: Killed them and burnt their houses
Took their land
What impact did the Harrying of the North have on rebellions?
Increased them, the Saxons were furious and continued fighting back
Correct answer: Prevented them, there were very few rebellions after 1070
Reduced them, there were still lots of rebellions but not as big

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