Comparing & classifying right angled triangles and equilateral triangles

Comparing & classifying right angled triangles and equilateral triangles

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  1. In this lesson, we look at a range of triangles and take a closer look comparing a right angled triangle with an equilateral triangle.


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Which properties do all triangles have?
2 sides and 3 vertices
3 sides and 2 vertices
Correct answer: 3 sides and 3 vertices
4 sides and 4 vertices
What is the name given to a regular triangle?
Correct answer: Equilateral triangle
Right angled triangle
Which of the statements best describe an equilateral triangle?
1 angle equal to 90 degrees
2 angles equal to 180 degrees
Correct answer: 3 angles, where each angle is equal to 60 degrees
3 sides with different measurements
Which statement best describes a right angled triangle
Correct answer: 1 angle that measures to 90 degrees
3 angles that measure exactly the same
A triangle with a width of 10cm
A triangle with three 60 degree angles
It is possible to create a large equilateral triangle from either...
2 or 4 smaller equilateral triangles
3 or 5 smaller equilateral triangles
Correct answer: 4 or 9 smaller equilateral triangles
6 or 9 smaller equilateral triangles
If a triangle has the angles: 60 degrees and 30 degrees, what is the 3rd angle?
180 degrees
30 degrees
60 degrees
Correct answer: 90 degrees

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