Comparing millilitres and litres using fractions

Comparing millilitres and litres using fractions

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  1. In this lesson, we will compare millilitres and litres and use this knowledge to solve word problems involving fractions of amounts.


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3 Questions

A restaurant used 12 L last week and 10 litres this week. How many litres of milk did they use altogether?
12 L
2 L
Correct answer: 22 L
John had 15 L of orange juice for a party. His friends drank 12 L. How much was left?
12 L
27 L
Correct answer: 3 L
Sally had 22 L of water in her shop. Jack had 17 L in his shop. How much more water did Sally have than Jack?
17 L
39 L
Correct answer: 5 L

4 Questions

How many millilitres are there in 5 Litres?
50 ml
500 ml
Correct answer: 5000 ml
If 1/2 a litre is equal to 500 ml, how many millilitres are there in 1/4 of a litre?
100 ml
200 ml
Correct answer: 250 ml
If one bucket holds 3 litres. How many litres will two buckets hold?
3 1/2 L
Correct answer: 6 L
9 L
There are three 100 ml cartons of juice. How much juice is there altogether?
3 ml
30 ml
Correct answer: 300 ml

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