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  1. In this lesson, we will become familiar with the terms 'fair use' and 'copyright'. We will gain an understanding of why we should only use copyright-free images and we will find appropriate images to use in our work from suggested sources.


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4 Questions

What is the purpose of this web page?
To entertain
To express an opinion
Correct answer: To inform
To persuade
Who is the intended audience for this web page?
Adults interested in cooking
Correct answer: Children interested in animals
Children interested in fashion
Children interested in gaming
The red arrow is pointing to an example of:
a header
Correct answer: a logo
the web site title
The feature in the red box is an example of:
Correct answer: a header
a logo
a web site name
the page format

4 Questions

What is copyright?
Correct answer: It's a law that protects an individual's work from being used without their permission
It's a slang term used for cheating
It's when you copy someone's work correctly
What is fair use?
Correct answer: The lawful use of others' work without having to seek permission from the creator
Using someone else's work without getting caught
Using something for a fair amount of time
Elijah is creating a project on the Roman Empire. He finds a picture on NatGeoKids.com and copies it into his work. Is this copyright or copyWRONG?
Copyright - it's ok to use the image because it was easy to take from the website
Correct answer: CopyWRONG - it's NOT ok to use this image without completing significant checks. He should credit the image in his work.
Isabella finds a website that is copyright-free, such as Pixabay. She uses an image from the website in her project and credits where they came from.
Correct answer: Copyright - it's ok to use the image because it's copyright-free. She has also given credit to where the image was found.
CopyWRONG - it's NOT ok to use this image because she has not talked to the website creator to get permission.

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