Creative Writing: What makes a good short story?

Creative Writing: What makes a good short story?

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  1. In this lesson, we will be looking at what makes a good short story. We will be thinking about our own favourite short stories and what makes them so enjoyable as well as unleashing our imaginations and considering what we would find if we stepped through a window into another world!


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Before stories were written down, they were told orally. What does 'orally' mean?
Told through actions
Told through dance
Told through pictures
Correct answer: Told through speech
What three things are needed in order to create a story?
Characters, setting, themes
Plot, characters, themes
Correct answer: Setting, characters, plot
Themes, setting, plot
How many main characters are usually found in short stories?
Correct answer: 1
A story that is under 1000 words is known as what?
Fast fiction
Correct answer: Flash fiction
Speedy story
Swift story
What is a subplot?
Correct answer: An additional storyline that runs alongside the main plot.
Plot points that appear at the end of the main plot.
Plot points that are important but uninteresting.
Plot points that are not very important.

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