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  1. In this lesson, we will learn how to calculate the volume of a cuboid.


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5 Questions

Which is the best mathematical definition for volume?
A measure of the front layer multiplied by the number of layers
Correct answer: A measure of three-dimensional space
Multiplying each side together
The space inside
Things measured in cubic centimetres cubed.
This shape was made using 1 centimetre unit cubes. What is the volume of this shape?
6 cubic centimetres
7 cubic centimetres
Correct answer: 8 cubic centimetres
9 cubic centimetres
The volume of one cube is 1 cubic metre. What is the volume of this cuboid?
18 cubic centimetres
18 cubic metres
27 cubic centimetres
Correct answer: 27 cubic metres
9 cubic metres
Can you use 16 unit cubes to make a larger cube?
Correct answer: No you cannot make a larger cube with 16 unit cubes
Yes you can make a larger cube with 16 unit cubes.
This cuboid was made out of cubes of 1 cubic centimetre. The cuboid has been partly painted. What could the volume of the cuboid be?
26 cubic centimetres
35 cubic centimetres
Correct answer: 36 cubic centimetres
4 cubic centimetres

6 Questions

What is the volume of a cuboid with lengths 4cm, 2cm and 5 cm?
11 cubic centimetres
30 cubic centimetres
30 cubics
Correct answer: 40 cubic centimetres
40 cubics
Which calculation could you use to find the volume of this cuboid?
2 x 15 + 4 x 15
Correct answer: 2 x 4 x 15
2 x 4 x 15 x 15
4 x 15
Work out the volume of this cube.
16 cubic centimetres
32 cubic centimetres
Correct answer: 64 cubic centimetres
Not enough information given.
The volume of this cuboid is 120 cubic centimetres. Work out the missing length.
20 centimetres
30 centimetres
30 cubic centimeres
Correct answer: 4 centimetres
4 cubic centimetres
Is it true or false that to find the volume of a cuboid you always just multiply all the given numbers together?
Correct answer: False
A net has been drawn on a centimetre grid and filled to make a solid cuboid. What would be the volume of the solid cuboid?
12 cubic centimetres
Correct answer: 18 cubic centimetres
27 cubic centimetres
42 cubic centimetres
Not enough information given

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