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  1. In this lesson, we will analyse Donne's use of language in 'Death, be not Proud' and explore what his use of language tells us about his ideas.


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5 Questions

What is a rhyme scheme?
It is known as iambic pentameter
The beat of the poem
Correct answer: The pattern of rhyming words at the end of lines
Words with the same end sound
What is iambic pentameter?
A type of poem
A verse in a poem
Five pairs of stressed syllables
Correct answer: Five pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables
What is structure in a poem?
Correct answer: How the poem is put together and laid out on the page
The ending of the poem
The layers of the poem
The outside of the poem
Which of these describes a sonnet?
12 lines, one stanza and a rhyming couplet
Correct answer: 14 lines, one stanza and a specific rhyme scheme
16 lines, two stanzas and a specific rhyme scheme
18 lines, three stanza and a rhyming couplet
Why might a poet break the sonnet rules?
By mistake
Correct answer: To add a specific meaning to the poem
To be funny
To make readers think more

6 Questions

Personification means
A person
An actor in a play
When a writer creates a character
Correct answer: When something non human is given human characteristics
In the poem ...
Death is a personify
Death is a real person
Death is personification
Correct answer: Death is personified
What structural form is the poem?
A ballad
A rhyme scheme
A riddle
Correct answer: A sonnet
At the beginning of the poem Death is described as ...
Completely powerless
Losing power
Correct answer: Powerful
As the poem continues Death is presented as ...
Completely powerless
Correct answer: Losing power
At the end of the poem Death is presented as ...
Correct answer: Completely powerless
Losing power

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