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  1. In this lesson, we will learn the word deceit and consider how Squealer manipulates the animals on the farm to make them think their life is better than it really is.


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5 Questions

What is manipulation?
Manipulation is controlling someone.
Manipulation is influencing someone.
Manipulation is persuading someone.
Correct answer: Manipulation is using skill to influence or control someone.
What does Snowball think is most important on the farm?
Correct answer: Education
Making money
The Seven Commandments
If animals could not read, what did Snowball suggest as a summary of the seven commandments?
All animals are equal
Education is important
Correct answer: Four legs good, two legs bad
Two legs good, four legs bad
Who did Napoleon keep in seclusion?
All of the animals
The pigs
Correct answer: The puppies
The sheep
Why did Napoleon want to keep them in seclusion?
He thought they were a danger to the other animals.
He wanted to educate them.
He wanted to keep them safe.
Correct answer: He wanted to manipulate them with no other influences.

5 Questions

What is the correct definition of deceit?
Being dishonest about something
Controlling other people
Correct answer: Hiding the truth from others
Playing a trick on someone
What happened to the milk?
Correct answer: The milk had been being mixed into the mash for the pigs.
The milk had been left and curdled.
The milk had been stolen by farmers.
The milk was being shared amongst the animals.
Who is sent to explain what has happened to the milk and apples?
Correct answer: Squealer
The cows
What does Squealer say will happen if the pigs do not have their milk and apples?
Correct answer: Squealer says Farmer Jones might come back.
Squealer says they will be fine without it.
Squealer says they will die without it.
Correct answer: Squealer says they won't be able to think properly.
We see deceit on the farm when...
Correct answer: Squealer lies about the fact that the pigs need more for their brain work.
The animals accept Squealer's explanation without question.
The cows allow their milk to be taken.
The pigs take the milk and apples from the other animals.

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