Designing for others

In this lesson, we will use specifications to design products that are innovative, functional and appealing.

Designing for others

In this lesson, we will use specifications to design products that are innovative, functional and appealing.

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Key learning points

  1. work confidently within a range of relevant domestic, local and industrial contexts, such as the home, health, leisure, culture, engineering, manufacturing, construction, food, energy, agriculture and fashion
  2. use specifications to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that respond to needs in a variety of situations


Corrugated cardboard, greyboard, cartonboard, cutting mat, scissors, steel rule, craft knife, small home product / tool, cardboard packaging

Content guidance

  • Equipment requiring safe usage.


Adult supervision recommended.


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5 Questions

What does the word 'function' mean?
How a product is made.
How heavy a product is.
Correct answer: What a product does.
What a product looks like.
What does the word 'dimensions' mean?
How long the product takes to make.
Correct answer: The size of a product.
The weight of a product.
What the product does.
True or false, aesthetics means how a product looks, the colours, textures and style?
Correct answer: True.
Which of these words BEST describes someone who buys and uses a product?
Correct answer: The consumer.
The designer.
The manufacturer.
The modelling department.
Which of these statements is FALSE?
Correct answer: Designers and manufacturers are not responsible for safety
Designers have to consider safety when creating ideas
Products, by law, have to be safe to be manufactured
Products, by law, have to be safe to use

5 Questions

What is a specification?
A specification is a group of sketches.
Correct answer: A specification is a list of criteria that a product should do.
A specification is a model made from cardboard.
A specification is single statement about what is being designed.
True or false, the term function describes what a product does - its purpose?
Correct answer: True.
If I was thinking about a product's aesthetics, what specifically would I be looking at?
Correct answer: The consideration of the beauty of the form of an object.
The products ergonomics, function, safety and material.
The products ergonomics, materials and function.
The products size, safety, ergonomics and function.
True or false, a specification is NOT USED during the designing process?
Correct answer: False.
Which of these words means 'consumer'?
The person who designs the product.
The person who makes the product.
The person who sells the product.
Correct answer: The person who uses the product.

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