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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the Three Estates in Chaucer's England and explore the technique of satire.


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What is a frame narrative?
A story where someone is accused of a crime they didn't commit.
Correct answer: A story within a story.
Two stories which run alongside each other.
Which of these was the most important?
First Estate (Clergy)
Correct answer: Monarch (King or Queen)
Second Estate (Nobility)
Third Estate (Peasantry)
Which Estate does the Knight belong to?
First Estate (Clergy)
Correct answer: Second Estate (Nobility)
Third Estate (Peasantry)
Which Estate does the Prioress belong to?
Correct answer: First Estate (Clergy)
Second Estate (Nobility)
Third Estate (Peasantry)
Which Estate does the Miller belong to?
First Estate (Clergy)
Second Estate (Nobility)
Correct answer: Third Estate (Peasantry)
What is 'satire'?
Correct answer: Making fun of someone’s stupidity or bad behaviour to try and make them improve.
Making something seem more than it is.
Making the reader laugh.
When our expectations are reversed.

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