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  1. In this lesson, we will review what the word 'ethical' means generally. We will then be introduced to the main ethical impacts of technology, and engage in activities to help them become more aware of how important acting ethically is.


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Which of these options most accurately explains ‘ethical impact’?
Correct answer: Considerations about right and wrong, morality and power.
Considering the laws of each country in balance.
Using technology to do the best thing for the most people.
Using technology to stick to a strict religious code of rights and wrongs.
Which of the following describes one of the key ways in which AI is supposed to work?
In an efficient way.
Like a computer.
Correct answer: Like a human.
What are the two main ways in which AI operates?
Using facial recognition and symbolic learning.
Using large data sets and facial recognition.
Using machine learning and large data sets.
Correct answer: Using symbolic and machine learning.
What is the purpose of the Moral Machine project?
To improve the efficiency of AI.
To make better legal decisions for driverless cars.
To make driverless cars more efficient.
Correct answer: To make machine more moral.
Which of these options most accurately describes an algorithm?
Algorithms are evil.
Correct answer: An algorithm is a set of instructions that describes how to get something done.
An algorithm is getting something done.
An algorithm is the same as a program.
What (beginning with ‘B’) do we have to be careful of when programming algorithms, particularly in relation to human behaviour?
Correct answer: Bias.

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