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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about typical Gothic themes such as madness, the body, death, fear, physical danger and the haunting past. We will then start studying a famous Gothic story, 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe. Then, we will end on a quiz exploring what you have learnt.


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5 Questions

What does convention mean?
a genre of literature
a type of setting
Correct answer: a way in which something is usually done
What does metonymy mean?
Correct answer: Metonymy is a subtype of metaphor, in which something (like rain) is used to stand for something else (like sorrow).
Metonymy is used in Gothic literature to inform the reader that someone is about to die.
Metonymy is when sounds are used to let a reader know something terrible is about to happen.
What is widely considered to be the first Gothic novel?
Correct answer: Castle of Otranto
Which of the following is a typical Gothic setting?
a fairground
a garden
Correct answer: a haunted castle
What is an omen?
a dreadful feeling
Correct answer: an event that reveals something about the future
seeing a ghost

5 Questions

What is the meaning of eponymous?
Correct answer: when a person gives their name to something
when two people have similar names
when two things have a similar meaning
How is a Byronic hero a complicated character?
He acts in a benevolent manner.
He is cunning and manipulative.
Correct answer: He is psychologically tormented.
What does the word damsel mean?
in distress
sweet lady
Correct answer: young lady
What usually happens to the damsel in Gothic fiction?
helps the Byronic hero as partners
Correct answer: placed in a dire predicament by a villain requiring a male hero to achieve her rescue
self-sufficient and needs no-one else to help her
What does femme fatale mean?
dangerous woman
Correct answer: fatal woman
scary woman

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