How are the UK's relationships in Europe changing?

How are the UK's relationships in Europe changing?

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  1. In this lesson, we will explore some of the changing relations between the UK and Europe in a post-Brexit society. We will look at the different arguments people used during the Brexit debate. We will also explore how the UK continues to work with the Council of Europe, a separate European institution to the EU, to ensure human rights and democracy are protected and supported.


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5 Questions

True or false: bilateral trade is between three or more countries?
Correct answer: False
Which of the following is NOT an activity of the World Trade Organisation?
Establishing trade links
Correct answer: Establishing transport connections for inter-country trade.
Helping overcome trade disputes
Setting rules for trade
Reducing the tariffs associated with trade and therefore making trade cheaper and easier is an example of which WTO activity?
Publishing research
Correct answer: Reducing barriers
Setting rules
Supporting Developing countries
In which Developing Country has the WTO helped improve the working conditions and safety for garment workers?
Correct answer: Cambodia
True or false: trading under WTO rules means that trade is regulated by the WTO’s rules, not independent free trade agreements?
Correct answer: True

5 Questions

What is the difference between the European Union and the Council of Europe?
Nothing! They are obviously the same thing!
The Council of Europe is a political and economic cooperation, whilst the European Union focuses on ensuring human rights for its members.
Correct answer: The Council of Europe is Europe's leading human rights organisation, whilst the European Union is a political and economic cooperation between 27 members.
The European Union is a military alliance and the Council of Europe focuses on democracy.
The UK is a member of the European Union AND the Council of Europe?
Correct answer: False
Which argument below was used to SUPPORT Brexit?
Access to customs free trade
Access to EU funding
Freedom of Movement
Correct answer: Less EU regulation and interference with law making.
How many members does the Council of Europe have?
Correct answer: 47
Which Convention was introduced by the Council of Europe?
Children's Rights
Correct answer: Human Rights
People with Disabilities
Women's Rights

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