How can social media be used to increase political participation?

How can social media be used to increase political participation?

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  1. In this lesson, we will explore how social media is currently used to increase political participation. It considers a range of case studies including Marcus Rashford's free school meals campaign. Examples of political parties' use of social media are included to identify how social media can be an effective tool. The case study of Cambridge Analytica is used to investigate the potentially harmful impact of social media in relation to right to privacy.


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5 Questions

In which House do MPs vote on proposed government policy and laws?
Correct answer: House of Commons
House of Lords
What is the name of the lobbies where MPs divide to vote?
Correct answer: Aye and Nay
Aye and No
No and Possibly
Yes and Maybe
Which of the following arguments supports keeping digital voting in the House of Commons?
Digital systems may exclude those who are digitally illiterate
The digital systems are complex to learn
The digital systems are expensive to maintain
Correct answer: The digital systems are safer, especially when COVID-19 is impacting society
Which of the following arguments supports the return to in person voting in the House of Commons?
It allows MPs to access from anywhere
Correct answer: It is a well established system, which MPs are familiar with.
It reduces to spread of COVID-19
Once the software is understood, it is very easy to use
What is the role of the teller?
Alerts MPs to the presence of the Monarch
Correct answer: Counts the votes in the aye and nay lobbies
Oversees debate in the House
Votes in decisions

5 Questions

Which Manchester United footballer used social media in a campaign about Free School Meals?
Cristiano Ronaldo
David Beckham
Correct answer: Marcus Rashford
Wayne Rooney
On average, how many minutes does a person spend on social media a day?
Correct answer: 142
Which human right from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights did we consider in relation to data protection?
Right to Education
Right to Equality
Right to Freedom of Speech
Correct answer: Right to Privacy
True or False; Short clips from the government and political parties on social media are enough to gain enough understanding on political issues
Correct answer: False
True or False; Cambridge Analytica's use of personal information showed us that we do not have to worry about data protection or our right to privacy in relation to social media
Correct answer: False

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