How can we plan our active citizenship project?

How can we plan our active citizenship project?

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  1. In this lesson, we will investigate how our research informs the planning of our Citizenship Action Projects. We learn learn how to complete an action plan clearly and thoroughly.


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5 Questions

Primary research is made by somebody else but helps your investigation.
Correct answer: False
What topic did Tyler want to focus on for his active citizenship project?
Climate Change
Correct answer: Homelessness
Newspapers are an example of what type of research?
Correct answer: Secondary
Who did Tyler e-mail to find out about homelessness in his local area?
Correct answer: His local council
His teacher
The American Government
The Government
Tyler gathered information through research and enquiry. Why was it important to interpret the evidence gathered?
So he could put it to one side and think about it later
Correct answer: To decide how he could support organisations and the rough sleepers
To march in to the local council and start making accusations

5 Questions

A survey is an example of what type of research?
Correct answer: Primary
Where did Shabana do her research?
In the library
Correct answer: Online
Using a questionnaire on her local high street
What was a possible solution to the fact there was no day centre for rough sleepers?
Correct answer: Lobby the local council
Offer to help or get donations to support this
Run a campaign to promote this
Which skill will targets help you show?
Critical thinking
Correct answer: Evaluation
Team work
Why is it important for an action plan to have all the tasks you think you might need to complete your action?
Correct answer: All of the above
All those involved can see what needs to be done
Ensures the task is done efficiently (in the correct order)
So tasks can be delegated to those with the best skills
To keep organised

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