How does the media hold those in power to account?

How does the media hold those in power to account?

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  1. In this lesson, we will discuss specific examples of how the media hold people in powerful positions to account for their actions. We also consider examples of when the work of journalists has made a real difference to society.


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5 Questions

True or False? In a democracy, you can criticise the government without the fear of punishment.
Correct answer: True
Which of these was not mentioned in this lesson as being a role of the media in a democracy?
Correct answer: To entertain the public
To hold to account
To inform and educate
To set the agenda
Which of these was not described as a key characteristic of a democracy?
A free media
Correct answer: Directly voting for your country's leader
Freedom to stand in elections
Rights for minority groups
Why is it important that the media informs and educates the public?
Because it is a way of getting more attention, to make more money
It makes high profile people look bad
It means there is less of a need for schools to educate
Correct answer: So the public can make informed decisions
What was the focus of the Daily Mail's campaign, discussed during this lesson?
Getting rid of the House of Lords
Greater freedom of speech for citizens
Correct answer: Reducing the number of single-use plastic bags used
Stopping a tax on pasties

5 Questions

What is the point of holding someone to account?
To get more attention for the news outlet
Correct answer: To get them to take responsibility for their actions
To make them look bad in public
To profit from the story
Which of these answers below was not mentioned as a way of holding someone to account?
Holding an interview with the person
Correct answer: Paying the person's friends and family for information
Printing stories on the front page of a newspaper
Starting an investigation to gather evidence of wrongdoing
What was significant about the 2010 Leaders' Debates?
It was cancelled due to concerns about freedom of speech
Correct answer: It was the first time that debates of their kind had been televised in the UK
The leader of the Liberal Democrats did not show up to give his point of view
The leaders got into a physical fight
What did the investigation by The Sunday Times uncover about a small group of Lords?
That 8% had not been to a debate in the House of Lords in the last five years
That they were deliberately plotting to prevent any new laws from being passed
That they were falling asleep during debates in the House of Lords
Correct answer: That they were willing to change laws in exchange for money
Which of these did not happen after news reports about MPs' expenses?
Five MPs and two Lords were jailed for their actions
Correct answer: MPs were stopped from being allowed to claim expenses in the future
Six MPs quit their positions as ministers in the government
The Speaker quit his role

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