How far did the Black Death change the Medieval World?

How far did the Black Death change the Medieval World?

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  1. In this lesson, we will look at the consequences of the Black Death and conclude just how far life changed due to the Black Death.


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5 Questions

Which group in the Feudal System seemed to benefit the most from the Black Death?
Correct answer: Peasants
What percentage of Walsham is estimated to have survived the Black Death?
Correct answer: 30% - 50%
50% - 70%
If a peasant inherited land what could they stop doing? (Choose one)
Farming the land.
Correct answer: Giving the profit from their hard work straight to the nobility.
Going to church.
Paying rent.
What problems did the Black Death cause the nobility? (Choose three)
Correct answer: As the amount of people decreased, the nobles could not collect as many taxes.
Correct answer: The amount of people to farm the land decreased.
Correct answer: The nobility had to increase wages so they could keep peasants working for them.
There were less peasants for the nobility to look after.
With fewer peasants in the village, levels of crime decreased.
How did the Ordinance of Labourers affect peasants?
Gave more power to the peasants because of their hard labour.
Gave more power to the peasants because they owned more land.
Restricted the amount of power that peasants had by increasing food prices.
Correct answer: Restricted the amount of power that peasants had by limiting their wages.

5 Questions

Medieval people believed that God created peasants to farm the land because:
Everyone deserved to have plenty of food to eat.
Correct answer: It was the natural order, which allowed priests to spend their time teaching about the word of God.
Peasants were the only people strong enough to complete the job.
Why did peasants have more spare time after the Black Death?
Correct answer: As wages increased peasants no longer had to work for as many hours.
The Church gave them extra holiday after the Black Death to let them rest.
The nobility had began to farm their own land and did not need the help of the peasants.
How did some peasants challenge the nobility's authority? (Choose three)
All peasants went on strike and refused to work for the nobility.
Correct answer: Breaking oaths of loyalty to the nobles and finding other people to farm for.
Correct answer: By stealing from them.
Correct answer: Demanding higher wages.
Raising an army against the nobles in an attempt to get them to leave the village.
What is a flagellant?
Someone that refuses to attend Church.
Someone that uses magic and omens to gain God's forgiveness.
Correct answer: Someone that whips themselves to gain God's forgiveness.
Why did the Black Death not completely change the Medieval World?
The Church and nobility remained unchallenged.
Correct answer: The feudal system still remained in place despite the peasants gaining some power.
The peasants did not gain any power.

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