How is local government different to national government?

How is local government different to national government?

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  1. In this lesson, we will look to the definition of government. Then we will compare the roles and responsibilities of local and central government in the United Kingdom. We will use the Covid-19 pandemic as a case study to explore how local and central government operate.


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True or false? Local councils deliver services in a county, city or town. They are sometimes known as local authorities.
Correct answer: True
True or false? Policies are courses of action or goals that governments or organisations plan to carry out or are in the process of carrying out.
Correct answer: True
Does this best describe local or central government? It 'holds power over the whole of the United Kingdom on many issues'.
Correct answer: Central Government
Local Government
Which is the best definition of a local councillor?
Ministers who run government departments and propose laws to be passed by Parliament.
Correct answer: People elected by local residents who make decisions following laws set by Parliament.
What does 'authority' mean?
The inability to do anything
Correct answer: The power or right to give orders or make decisions.
The power to take orders or accept made decisions.

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