How would I respond to an exam question about my active citizenship investigation? (Part 2/2)

How would I respond to an exam question about my active citizenship investigation? (Part 2/2)

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  1. In the second part of this two-part lesson, we will recap our evaluation and then will go on to look at how we can demonstrate our understanding of active citizenship in an examination situation.


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5 Questions

What type of action is being described here?: 'action taken by individuals and groups to further their aims. It an include marches, boycotts, holding a public meeting and other activities'.
Correct answer: Direct Action
Indirect Action
What do we call the group or organisation we are aiming our action at?
Customer Group
Correct answer: Target Group
True or false, primary research has been carried out by someone else but can help you with your action
Correct answer: False
Petitions, letter writing, campaigning, organising a boycott are all…
Correct answer: Examples of action you could choose to take
Examples of changes that could be made
Illegal in the UK
Types of pressure group
Newspapers are an example of what type of research?
Correct answer: Secondary

5 Questions

Why is it important to keep a record of data you collect before you take your action and after you take your action? Tick ALL that apply.
Correct answer: So that you can compare the data and assess the impact your have had
So that you can use the paper for origami
Correct answer: So that you can write about it in your evaluation
Correct answer: So you have evidence from which to draw conclusions
Looking back at your active citizenship project, it is important to be honest about your impact. It doesn’t matter if you did not achieve all of the targets you originally wanted to. Why?
Because it's only a school project, so it doesn't matter.
Correct answer: So that you can identify where things didn't go well and explain why.
A question about the evaluation of your action project is sometimes used in the examination and may require an extended answer. It is important you are confident as a similar question could come up again. An extended answer is worth 12 marks and must have... (tick ALL that apply).
Correct answer: detail
Correct answer: evidence
What does the 'U' in 'BUG' stand for?
Correct answer: Underline key words/phrases
Understand key words/phrases
Use correct punctuation and grammar
Utilise diagrams in your answer
When structuring an essay style answer, how many arguments should you use to agree or disagree with the statement?
Correct answer: Two

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