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  1. In this lesson, we will break down how to approach rhythmic improvisation. We will then use these techniques to improvise creative rhythms using body percussion sounds.


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5 Questions

An ostinato is
A fast drum pattern
Correct answer: A repeated pattern or phrase
An improvised phrase that repeats
The main functions of the start signal are
To make sure the audience knows who the master drummer is and to make sure everyone starts at the same time
Correct answer: To set the tempo and make sure everyone starts at the same time
To show the audience who the master drummer is
When you hear the stop signal
You should prepare to play the 'unison response'
You should stop and wait to play the 'unison response'
Correct answer: You should stop playing straight away
When composing a call and response section
The response should be complicated
Correct answer: The response should be short and simple
The response should be the same as the call
When composing a star and stop signal
They should be improvised and should change each time
Correct answer: They should be similar with noticeably different endings
They should be the same rhythm

5 Questions

What is syncopation?
Syncopation is a traditional West African percussion instrument
Syncopation is where you play on the down (strong, on) beats only
Correct answer: Syncopation is where you play on the weak (off) beats
What is improvisation?
Is where you can use other musicians' improvisations as your own
It is a strict musical technique with rules that must be followed
Correct answer: It is free; there are no right or wrong musical responses
Which of the following is NOT an improvisation technique covered in the lesson?
Accenting different beats
Adding or removing a beat
Call and response with family and friends
Correct answer: Playing a song you already know backwards
Where else might you hear a stop signal?
Correct answer: At the end of the call and response section
At the start of the improvisation section
Half way through the call and response section
What is an accent?
A note played quieter than other notes in the bar
A really short note
Correct answer: An emphasized note

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