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  1. In this lesson, we will create our fantasy character. We will to look at how pronouns and noun phrases help us create character details. Then we will get to create our fantasy heroes for our stories.


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5 Questions

The fantasy genre includes:
A hero, a villain and a superhero.
A hero, a villain and a zombie.
Correct answer: A hero, a villain and magic.
A hero, a villain and romance.
If you use a subordinate clause in front of an independent clause then you must...
Put a capital letter on the independent clause.
Correct answer: Put a comma after the subordinate clause.
Use a semi-colon.
Use no punctuation.
Which of these is a plausible plot for the Gothic genre?
Correct answer: A man buys a house and does not realise it is haunted.
A pirate goes on a journey to find buried treasure.
A prince falls in love with a princess.
An astronaut goes into space.
What do we expect at the start of a story?
A climatic moment.
A problem revealed.
Correct answer: An opening that introduces a setting.
The ending.
What unusual building has Ms Richards chosen to put in the opening of her fantasy story?
Correct answer: Mundale School for Knights.
Mundale School for Princes and Princesses.
Mundale School for trainee Blacksmiths.
Mundale School for Witches and Wizards.

5 Questions

If we refer to a "writer's craft" we mean:
Correct answer: The deliberate choices the writer has made.
The hobbies like knitting that the writer does.
The way the story is not plausible.
The way the writer has created an opening.
A 'noun phrase' adds extra detail to which part of the sentence?
Any part you like.
The punctuation.
Correct answer: The subject or object.
The verb.
Which of these is a plausible character to introduce in an action story?
A ghost who is 200 years old.
A King looking for a cure for his daughter's curse.
Correct answer: A spy hunting down a criminal.
A werewolf.
In a fantasy story, the main character is likely to have:
A love of violence.
A romantic interest.
A secret pet.
Correct answer: A skill, magical object or magical ability.
Ms Richards' lead character is named:
Correct answer: Clover

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UnitEnglish / Paragraphing narratives for clarity, using possessive pronouns, using apostrophes accurately, structuring, writing and editing genre-specific narratives