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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about Epic poems and their common features, and look at some examples together.


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Which of these is NOT true of Epic poems?
Correct answer: They are extremely boring.
They are really long.
They are set in the past.
They involve heroes and gods.
Which of these is the best definition for the 'oral tradition' in epic poetry?
Correct answer: Invent a poem which you learn by heart and sing to others, possibly with music.
Listen to someone's poem, write it down, but pretend it's yours.
Think of a poem, set it to music, walk around humming to yourself.
Write down the longest poem you possibly can.
Which of these was the oldest Epic poem?
Beowulf, from Britain
La Araucana, from Chile
Correct answer: The Epic of Gilgamesh, from Ancient Mesopotamia
The Odyssey, from Ancient Greece
What is a key theme in many Epic poems?
Romantic love
Correct answer: War and battles
Which of these is NOT a common convention in Epic poems?
Long descriptions of people or objects
Repeated phrases
Correct answer: Short speeches

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