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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how William of Normandy organised land ownership to control England.


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How many Normans did William bring with him to England in 1066?
Correct answer: 10,000
Why did William need to establish control over the population? (Tick 2 boxes)
He didn't, he had already conquered it.
Correct answer: He had killed their popular King.
The Anglo-Saxons didn't have a hierarchy in place.
Correct answer: The Normans were outnumbered.
What is the correct order of the Feudal System, from MOST important to LEAST important?
King, Knights, Nobles, Peasants.
Correct answer: King, Nobles, Knights, Peasants.
Nobles, King, Peasants, Knights.
Peasants, Nobles, Knights, King.
What roles did the Knights perform on the Feudal System? (Tick 2 boxes)
Farmed the land.
Gave land to the nobles.
Correct answer: Protected peasants.
Correct answer: Served in William's army.
In what ways was the Feudal System different to the previous Anglo-Saxon hierarchy? (Tick 2 boxes)
Correct answer: Knights were used to keep the peace and control the peasants.
Peasants farmed the land and paid taxes to the King.
Correct answer: The King was at the top and controlled all of the land in England.
The land was owned and controlled by mostly Norman nobility.

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