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  1. In this lesson, we will look at Lysander and Hermia's dilemma. We will explore the difficulties they face and their crossroads.


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5 Questions

Why can't Hermia marry Lysander?
Her father says she has to marry Theseus.
Correct answer: Her father says that she has to marry Demetrius.
Lysander doesn't love her.
She doesn't want to.
What is the correct definition of a 'monologue'?
Correct answer: A monologue is a long speech in a play which is spoken by only one character.
A monologue is a really short speech in play spoken by one character.
A monologue is when a character whispers their speech to the audience.
A monologue is when two characters speak at the same time.
Which statement explains how Egeus feels towards Lysander?
Correct answer: Egeus blames Lysander for Hermia's disobedience.
Egeus does not believe Lysander has manipulated Hermia.
Egeus thinks Lysander is better than Demetrius
Egeus thinks Lysander will be a good match for his daughter.
Which statement is true about the four lovers?
Demetrius has never told Helena he loves her in the past.
Helena loves Lysander.
Hermia loves Demetrius.
Correct answer: Lysander loves Hermia.
Which statement is NOT true about unrequited love?
Demetrius suffers from unrequited love.
Helena suffers from unrequited love.
Unrequited love is one-sided love.
Correct answer: Unrequited love means when people love each other back.

5 Questions

Which of the following is NOT advice from Theseus to Hermia?
Hermia should accept Egeus' authority.
Hermia should let Egeus mould her how he wants.
Correct answer: Hermia should marry whoever she wants.
Hermia should view her father like a God.
What might Shakespeare be suggesting by using the image of 'To you your father should be as a god'?
Hermia should idolise Lysander.
Hermia should ignore her father and follow her heart.
Hermia should look up to all men.
Correct answer: Hermia should worship her father.
What does Hermia compare her tears to?
a puddle
a river
Correct answer: a tempest
the sea
What words does Lysander use to describe the journey of love?
Love never has an easy path.
The course of love is always smooth.
The course of true love is never smooth.
Correct answer: The course of true love never did run smooth.
Which of the following is NOT part of Lysander's plan?
To escape to his aunt's house
To marry outside of Athenian law
To meet Hermia in the woods
Correct answer: To stay in ancient Athens and marry anyway

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