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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about who Mansa Musa is and what the stroy of how he became emperor could reveal about medieval Mali.


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5 Questions

What image did we use to illustrate the word 'reveal'?
A map of the world
Correct answer: A person pulling back a curtain
A person sitting on a throne with a golden crown
A timeline
Who was Mansa Musa?
A European map maker who included medieval Mali in his map
Correct answer: A Malian emperor who is often said to be the richest man who ever lived
An Africa emperor who wanted to find the end of the Atlantic Ocean
An Arab historian who travelled to Cairo, Egypt
During what era did Mansa Musa rule?
Ancient era
Early modern era
Correct answer: Medieval era
Modern era
What does the previous emperor getting ready 2,000 ships for his journey reveal about medieval Mali?
It could make maps
It had access to gold
It was poor
Correct answer: It was wealthy
What does the story of how Mansa Musa became emperor reveal to us about medieval Mali?
It had knowledge of the sea and reached South America
It had rules about who could be king and reached South America
Correct answer: It was ambitious, wealthy and had rules about who could be king
It was wealthy, adventurous and stupid

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