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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about corruption and dramatic irony. We will see how Napoleon and Squealer manipulate the animals on the farm.


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5 Questions

What is propaganda? (More than one correct answer)
Correct answer: Ideas or statements that are mostly false or exaggerated.
Correct answer: Ideas or statements that are spread to help a political leader or government.
Ideas or statements which force people to do things.
Ideas or statements which lie to people.
If you are naive, you are unintelligent.
Correct answer: False
Who is the main pig to use propaganda in the story?
Correct answer: Squealer
Which animal responds by saying 'If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right?'
Correct answer: Boxer
The dogs
The sheep
What do the dogs do to help Squealer?
Chase any dissenting animals off the farm.
Correct answer: Growl at the animals to make them accept Squealer's explanation.
Help him write his speech.
Stand next to him and look threatening.

6 Questions

What is an example of corruption?
A government using propaganda.
A leader telling lies.
A leader treating people badly.
Correct answer: Dishonest actions of someone in power.
What is dramatic irony?
Correct answer: When the reader or audience know something the characters don't.
When the reality of something is different to the perceived truth.
When the story has a hidden meaning.
When the writer hints at something that will happen in the rest of the story.
What did Old Major say about trading with humans?
He did not talk about trade.
He encouraged animals to trade.
Correct answer: He said animals should never adopt the unhealthy vices of humans, including trade.
He said if they do trade, it should be done cleverly.
Where has Napoleon started living?
He has stolen someone else's sty
He still lives in his sty
In a better sty
Correct answer: The farmhouse
Where does Orwell use dramatic irony?
When Napoleon is called 'Our Leader.'
When Squealer explains why Napoleon needs to sleep in a bed.
Correct answer: When the animals cannot remember what the original commandment said.
When the animals start to protest about trading with humans.
What reason does Squealer give for the animals being allowed to sleep in beds? (Choose TWO)
Squealer says it is their right because they are the leaders on the farm.
Correct answer: Squealer says that they have always slept in beds because a bed is merely a place to sleep.
Squealer says they can sleep in beds because the beds are comfortable.
Correct answer: Squealer says they need to sleep well so they can carry out their duties.

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