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  1. In this lesson, we will interpret negative numbers in a variety of contexts and explore movement on an 'extended' number line.


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5 Questions

Which answer best completed the missing gaps? The whole numbers on the number line are called ________. _____ is an example of a positive integer, ______ is an example of a negative integer.
integers, -3, 3
integers, 0.3, -0.3
Correct answer: integers, 3, -3
wholes, 3, -3
Tick ALL of the numbers below that are integers.
Correct answer: -3
Correct answer: +4
Correct answer: 0
Correct answer: 8/2
What is the missing temperature A?
An image in a quiz
-10 degrees
-5 degrees
Correct answer: 0 degrees
5 degrees
What are the missing temperatures B, C and D?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: -10, -20, -50 degrees
-10, -20, 50 degrees
-15, -25, -35 degrees
0, 10, 20 degrees
What is the temperature 10 degrees warmer than -30 degrees?
An image in a quiz
- 40 degrees
Correct answer: -20 degrees
-50 degrees
40 degrees

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UnitMaths / Positive and negative numbers