Oliver Appears Before the Workhouse Board

Oliver Appears Before the Workhouse Board

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  1. In this lesson, we will witness the nine-year-old Oliver Twist meet the intimidating workhouse board. He will analyse how Dickens makes the reader feel towards Oliver in this scene.


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6 Questions

Who was the Queen of England when Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist?
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Mary I
Correct answer: Queen Victoria
Why was Charles' father, John Dickens, sent to prison?
He did not look after his family.
He was involved in a fight.
Correct answer: He was unable to pay his debts.
Charles Dickens' novels educated the public about...
Correct answer: The difficult lives of the poor.
The difficulties of being an author.
The life of Queen Victoria.
Where is Oliver born?
A hospital
A prison
Correct answer: A workhouse
Which one of these descriptions about Oliver's mother is correct?
Correct answer: She is an unmarried woman who dies after she gives birth to Oliver.
She is sent to prison because she owes lots of debt.
She wears a wedding ring and is with her husband when she dies.
Why does Oliver nearly die after he is born?
Correct answer: He cannot breathe.
He has a disease.
He is very sad because his mother is sick.

5 Questions

Which of the following options are characteristics of a novel?
Correct answer: A novel is a long story involving imaginary characters and events.
A novel is a true story.
A novel is watched by an audience in a theatre.
What group of people does Oliver appear before in this extract?
His family
The police
Correct answer: The workhouse board
Who takes Oliver to this meeting?
A policeman
His mother
Correct answer: Mr Bumble
The parish surgeon
What does one of the workhouse board members call Oliver?
Correct answer: A 'fool'
A lovely boy
A pitiful boy
An obedient boy
What does the word 'vulnerable' mean?
Correct answer: Someone or something that can be easily harmed.
Someone or something that harms others.
Someone or something that is small.
Someone or something that is young.

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