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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about Oliver Cromwell. We will learn that Cromwell led the New Model Army, committed massacres in Ireland in 1650 and was called a 'king in all but name' by his enemies.


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5 Questions

What were the Society of Friends also called in the 1650s?
The Diggers
The Levellers
Correct answer: The Quakers
The Ranters
What did the Society of Friends think about the established Church?
They did not care about the Church
Correct answer: They disliked the hierarchy of priests and churches
They thought that sinning brought them closer to God
They wanted to become Bishops
The Diggers...
Correct answer: ...saw the world as a 'common treasury' for everyone to share.
...wanted to bring back the king.
...were admired by the ruling elites who they called 'King Property'.
...worshiped Gerrard Winstanley's cow.
The Ranters...
Correct answer: ...drunk, gambled and swore because they believed God wanted them to sin.
...supported Charles I in the English Civil War.
...were led by Henry Ireton.
...were the most popular sect in England in the 1650s.
What was Thomas Edwards' book Gangraena about?
The Execution of Charles I
The New Model Army
Correct answer: The Puritan sects that emerged in the 1640s
The Putney Debates

6 Questions

What was Oliver Cromwell elected as in 1628 and 1640?
Correct answer: A Member of Parliament
The general of the New Model Army
The king of England
The Lord Protector of England
Cromwell wanted...
...to become king of England.
...to kill Charles I in 1640.
...to let Charles I escape to France by boat in 1649.
Correct answer: ...to negotiate a deal with King Charles I at the end of the First Civil War in 1646.
In Ireland in 1650, Cromwell...
...chased after Charles I's son.
...dissolved the Rump Parliament.
Correct answer: ...massacred Catholics in Drogheda and Wexford.
...peacefully converted the country to Puritanism.
In 1653, Cromwell...
...became King of England.
...died and was replaced by his son.
Correct answer: ...dissolved the Rump Parliament and the Parliament of Saints.
...fled to France.
What did Cromwell and his Puritan followers do in the 1650s?
Banned anyone who was not a Puritan from worshipping as they wished.
Correct answer: Banned dancing, theatre, football and celebrating Christmas.
Became good friends with Charles I's son.
Dug up common lands and planted peas and cabbages on them.
BONUS QUESTION! Which of these was Mr Olivey's 'deliberate' mistake?
Correct answer: He claimed that Cromwell signed Charles I's death warrant in 1650, rather than 1649.
He claimed that Oliver Cromwell was crowned king in 1653.
He forgot to mention the English Civil War.
He spelt Charles I's name wrong.

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