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  1. In this lesson, we will examine Luther's changing intentions as he translated the Bible, published new pamphlets, and shared his views on the Peasants' War.


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5 Questions

Which of the following was Luther particularly angered by?
Johann Tetzel claiming that the Pope was the only person allowed to read the Bible.
Johann Tetzel selling expensive Bibles
Correct answer: Johann Tetzel selling indulgences that he claimed guaranteed salvation
Johann Tetzel selling very precious holy relics, including splinters from the cross
What was Luther trying to achieve by writing and printing the Ninety-five Theses?
He wanted to poke fun at the Catholic Church
He wanted to start a large revolution against the Catholic Church
Correct answer: He wanted to start a local debate among other university professors
He wanted to start an argument against Johann Eck, whom he had never been friends with
Who did Martin Luther debate in Leipzig in 1519?
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Frederick the Wise
Correct answer: Johann Eck
Johann Tetzel
What does it mean to be excommunicated?
To be thrown out a tavern, and banned from drinking beer
To be thrown out of a monastery, and banned from wearing a monk's robe
To be thrown out of a university, and banned from teaching
Correct answer: To be thrown out of the Church, and banned from services that help gain salvation
How did Luther escape the Diet of Worms, after he publicly stated his disagreement with the Church?
He disguised himself as a Catholic priest, and hid in a church
Correct answer: He disguised himself as a farmer, and hid in a castle
He disguised himself as a nun, and hid in a church
He disguised himself as a soldier, and hid in a castle

5 Questions

Where did Luther hide after the Diet of Worms, and write his translation of the Bible?
Frederick the Wise's palace
Johann Eck's house
Correct answer: Wartburg Castle
Wittenberg Cathedral
Which of these were printed in cheaper booklets, made to spread Luther's message?
Correct answer: Catechisms
Papal bulls
The New Testament
What was the intention behind producing woodcuts?
Spreading Luther's message to noblemen and rich townsfolk.
Spreading Luther's message to priests in the Catholic Church.
Correct answer: Spreading Luther's message to those who could not read.
Spreading Luther's message to those who worked in forests.
What is the rough number of casualties (those injured or killed) in the German Peasants War (1524-25)?
Correct answer: 100,000
Why did Luther hate the rebelling peasants so much?
Correct answer: Because he thought they should obey their lords
Because Luther wanted to stay friends with the Emperor, who hated the peasants too.
Because they claimed Luther was evil
Because they were Catholics

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