Reading skills: Pre-1900 unseen fiction - Heart of Darkness

Reading skills: Pre-1900 unseen fiction - Heart of Darkness

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  1. In this lesson, we will examine an adapted extract from the novel 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad. We'll start by locating the text within its context of writing and then thinking about how the issues it raises around colonialism can be considered today. Whilst reading the extract, we will be following our reading strategy routines. You will be provided with prompt questions to help you track your way through the text systematically, thinking about what happens - first / next / then and finally. It is also an opportunity for you to start making your own observations.


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5 Questions

Which option is not true of the function of an ending?
a logical resolution is provided
it culminates in a moment of change - physical or mental
it delivers a message
it delivers a sense of the inevitable
Correct answer: it initiates a moment of action
it provides a sense of justice
What is a parallel narrative?
Correct answer: where more than one narrative voice runs through the story
where the end links back to the beginning
where there is a jump in the timeline
Which definition best matches a narrative story?
a piece of writing that focuses on a set moment in time or at different times
a piece of writing that has a clear line of argument
a piece of writing that instructs you on what to do in your life
Correct answer: a piece of writing that is built around a series of events
What is a third person limited narrative?
the narrator is omniscient
the story is written from an outsider point of view
there is a narrator who can follow the action from multiple perspectives
Correct answer: there is a narrator who only sees one character's perspective
What is it called when the main character is telling the story?
Correct answer: first person narrative
monologue narrative
second person narrative
third person narrative

5 Questions

Where is the Congo River?
Correct answer: Africa
South America
What was the item the westerners wanted from the Congo?
Correct answer: ivory
What was the role of the Christian missionaries?
to find out about other cultures
to help with medical supplies
Correct answer: to promote the Christian faith
to teach people to read and write
Conrad was originally born where?
Correct answer: Ukraine
Conrad suggests that the "heart of darkness" is within us all. If so, what sort of conflict is he suggesting?
man v man
man v nature
Correct answer: man v self
man v society

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