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  1. In this lesson, we will be introducing timetables, what they can tell us and the skills we require to use them accurately when interpreting the information they possess. We will then be using a timetable to help respond to a series of questions and requests as an example of real life context.


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5 Questions

Look closely at the symbol. What does this symbol mean when used in mathematics?
An image in a quiz
Correct answer: Approximately equal to
Equal to
The same as
Very close
When converting between centimetres and inches, which of the following would be incorrect?
10cm ≈ 4 inches
20cm ≈ 8 inches
25cm ≈ 10 inches
Correct answer: 40inches ≈ 16cm
What is the correct conversion rate between kilograms and pounds?
Correct answer: 1 kg ≈ 2.2 lb
1 kg ≈ 22 lb
1lb ≈ 2.2 kg
22 lb ≈ 1 kg
Look carefully at the conversion graph below. Which statements is true.
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10kg ≈ 20 lbs
20kg ≈ 60Ibs
Correct answer: 30kg ≈ 66 lbs
50kg ≈ 120lbs
When trying to find the correct conversion rate, which unit of measurements might you consider using a conversion graph to help with?
Correct answer: All of the above, they are all suitable
Converting Euros and US Dollars
Converting Litres and pints
Converting Metres and feet
None of the above, they are not suitable

5 Questions

Numbers that tell the position of something in a list are known by which name?
Increasing numbers
Larger numbers
Correct answer: Ordinal numbers
Sequenced numbers
On which day is there the least amount of gold medal events taking place?
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Sunday 14th
Correct answer: Sunday 21st
Wednesday 10th
Wednesday 17th
Which sport had the most amount of days on which a gold medal event took place?
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Correct answer: Cycling
Synchronized swimming
Amy has a job interview in West Ealing at 12.15. What is the latest bus she can catch from her home in Hayes to make sure she arrives on time?
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Correct answer: 10:47
How long does the bus take to travel Hayes to Ealing Broadway?
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11 minutes
Correct answer: 24 minutes
41 minutes
49 minutes

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