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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the trial and regicide that shocked England in 1649. We will learn about the lead up to Charles's trial, the details of the trial and then the consequences of his execution.


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5 Questions

What happened in July 1646?
Charles I won the first English Civil War
Henry VIII won the first English Civil War
Correct answer: Parliament won the first English Civil War
The printing press was invented
Where did the Putney Debates take place?
Hampton Court
Correct answer: St Mary's Church
St Paul's Cathedral
The Houses of Parliament
The Levellers wanted...
To abolish Parliament
To become rich
To kill Charles I
Correct answer: Votes for all men over the age of 21
Which of these was a Leveller pamphlet?
Correct answer: The Agreement of the People
The Heads of Proposals
The King is a Very Bad Man
The World Turned Upside Down
What happened to Charles I on 15 November 1647?
He died
Correct answer: He escaped from Hampton Court
He signed a peace treaty with Parliament
He was crowned king of Scotland

5 Questions

Where was Charles imprisoned in 1648?
Buckingham Palace
Correct answer: Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight
Hampton Court Palace
The Tower of London
What did Colonel Pride do to Parliament on 6 December 1648?
Attacked 180 MPs
Killed 180 MPs
Knighted 180 MPs
Correct answer: Purged 180 MPs
What crimes was Charles I accused of committing on 20 January 1649?
Being a lazy, useless king
Correct answer: Being a tyrant, a traitor and a murderer
Being appointed by God
Being too harsh towards Catholics
What happened at the end of Charles I's trial?
He escaped
Correct answer: He was found guilty
He was found innocent
He was rescued by Henry Ireton
How did people in England react to the execution of Charles I?
Most people in England did not care that Charles I was executed
Most people in England were indifferent about the execution of Charles I
Most people in England were pleased about the execution of Charles I
Correct answer: Most people in England were traumatised by the execution of Charles I

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