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  1. In this lesson, we will explore how Oberon wants to fix the chaos, confusion and conflict. We will look at how he helps the four lovers in a way that ancient Athens cannot. Also, we will look at how he plans to fix Titania and Bottom.


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5 Questions

Which of the following is NOT true about the love potion so far?
The love potion causes chaos, confusion and conflict.
The love potion causes Titania to fall in love with an ass.
The love potion creates humour and suspense for the audience.
Correct answer: The love potion makes Helena feel glad that she finally has Demetrius' love.
What does the colour white NOT symbolise?
Correct answer: Kissing
Which of the following is an accurate definition for the word 'mock'?
Correct answer: Mock means to laugh at or make fun of someone or something.
Mock means when you cry at someone or something.
Mock means when you laugh.
Mock means when you tell jokes.
Who does Helena NOT accuse of being involved with her feeling of mockery?
Correct answer: Puck
What is the most accurate explanation for the metaphor 'cankerblossom'?
The metaphor 'cankerblossom' suggests that Hermia thinks Helena has always loved Lysander.
Correct answer: The metaphor 'cankerblossom' suggests that Hermia thinks Helena has destroyed and infected the goodness and beauty of Lysander and Hermia's love.
The metaphor 'cankerblossom' suggests that Hermia thinks Helena has played a trick.
The metaphor 'cankerblossom' suggests that Hermia thinks Helena is mean.

5 Questions

How does Puck feel about his mistake?
Full of remorse because he has caused conflict between the lovers
Guilty and the outcome was boring anyway
Guilty because he stopped true love between Lysander and Hermia
Correct answer: Remorseless because it was funny
Which of the following is an accurate definition for remorse?
Correct answer: Remorse is being sorry for doing something in the past which was bad or wrong.
Remorse is when you don't feel guilty for what you have done.
Remorse is when you feel happy about what you have done in the past.
Remorse is when you laugh at someone or something.
In Oberon's Monologue about restoring order, what is the first thing Puck is instructed to do?
Create dark fog and make sure Demetrius and Lysander fight
Correct answer: Create dark fog and trick Demetrius and Lysander so they cannot fight
Remove the potion from Demetrius
Take the spell off of Bottom
After Puck has placed the herb on Lysander's eyes, which statement is NOT true?
Demetrius loves Helena.
Helena loves Demetrius.
Hermia loves Lysander.
Correct answer: Lysander is in love with Helena.
Why does Oberon remove the love potion from Titania?
Correct answer: He begins to pity her, and she has given him the boy.
He knows he will never get the boy, so it doesn't matter anymore.
He misses her.
He simply wants everything to just go back to normal.

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