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  1. In this lesson, we will read about Jane's wedding day and find out what happens with Mr Mason and Bertha. We will also consider why Rochester didn't tell Jane about Bertha.


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5 Questions

What does the intruder in Jane's room destroy?
Jane's books
Correct answer: Jane's wedding veil
The piano
What has happened to Thornfield Hall in Jane's nightmare?
Correct answer: Thornfield has become a ruin.
Thornfield has become beautiful.
Thornfield is filled with happy children.
Who does Jane think her intruder is?
Grace Poole
Correct answer: Jane has no idea. She has never seen this woman before.
Mr Mason
Who does Rochester insist this intruder must be?
Correct answer: Grace Poole
Mr Mason
Mrs Fairfax
According to Rochester, how long will Jane have to wait until he reveals the secret about this strange woman?
Correct answer: Jane must wait for a year and a day after their wedding.
Jane must wait until the end of their wedding day.
Jane will find out before Rochester dies.

5 Questions

Who is Bertha's brother?
Mr Brocklehurst
Correct answer: Mr Mason
Mr Rochester
What sort of character is Rochester?
Correct answer: A Byronic hero
A conventional hero
A villain
Why is Rochester not allowed to marry Jane?
He has been cruel to Bertha Mason.
Correct answer: He is already married to Bertha Mason.
Jane does not come from the same social class as Rochester.
Who is the strange lady at Thornfield who set Rochester's bed on fire and tore Jane's wedding veil?
Correct answer: Bertha Mason
Grace Poole
Mrs Fairfax
Why is it likely that Mr Rochester stayed away from Thornfield for so long?
Correct answer: He disliked staying in the same building as his imprisoned and insane wife.
He thought it was ugly.
He wanted to see the rest of the world.

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