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  1. In this lesson, we will explore the concept of hacking and the techniques used by hackers to exploit computer systems. We will also look at the consequences of hacking and what laws are in place to act as a deterrent.


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Which one of the following best describes social engineering?
An automated attack on computer systems
Cybercriminals stealing data through hacking into systems
Correct answer: Humans using methods trick or manipulate other humans into handing over information
Websites deceiving humans into giving away personal data
"An attack that involves an attacker watching the victim while they provide sensitive information" is a description of which of the following?
Name generator attack
Correct answer: Shouldering
Which of the following is when attackers create short, fun quizzes in an attempt to find out key pieces of information that can help them answer account security questions?
Correct answer: Name generator attack
You receive an email from an unknown sender asking for money. The sender wants you to respond to the email. There are no hyperlinks in the email, but it includes unusual use of English and there are a number of spelling mistakes. What type of social engineering attempt is this?
Correct answer: Blagging

5 Questions

‘Gaining unauthorised access to or control of a computer system’ is a definition of which type of cybercrime?
DDoS attack
Correct answer: Hacking
Penetration testing
Social engineering
What is the term for people who are paid to legally hack into computer systems with the sole purpose of helping a company identify weaknesses in their system?
Ethical hackers
Legal hackers
Correct answer: Penetration testers
System administrators
What is the purpose of a DDoS attack?
To use a single computer to flood a network or server with internet traffic in order to disrupt service
To use a single computer to infiltrate a network in order to steal data or to plant a virus
Correct answer: To use multiple computers to flood a network or server with internet traffic in order to disrupt service
To use multiple computers to infiltrate a network in order to steal data or to plant a virus
Which one of the following UK laws would a DDoS attack violate?
Correct answer: The Computer Misuse Act
The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
The Data Protection Act
The Freedom of Information Act
A hackers successfully hacks into a bank account and transfers money into another account whilst they are there. Which section of the Computer Misuse Act would this contravene?
Section 1
Correct answer: Section 2
Section 3

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