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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about what British colonialism looked like in Australia. We will look at the ways in which British settlers expanded their power in Australia and how Aboriginal people experienced, resisted and responded to British settlement in Australia.


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5 Questions

What was the title given to the top governor of India, appointed by the queen?
Correct answer: Viceroy
Why were British officials in India encouraged not to marry Indian women?
It was illegal
The British thought that marrying Indian women would upset the Indian people
They thought that Indian women would kill the British officials
Correct answer: They wanted to keep clear boundaries between the white 'race' and Indians
Who was allowed to judge criminal cases involving white British people in the countryside?
Both white European and Indian judges
Only Indian judges
Correct answer: Only white European judges
How many people are estimated to have died in famines in India in the last 25 years of the nineteenth century?
Between 1 and 2 million people
Between 10 and 15 million people
Correct answer: Between 12 and 30 million people
Between 5 and 10 million people
Which one of the following is true?
Correct answer: Indian religious and cultural communities were important in supporting self-help strategies for responding to British colonialism
Indians thought that self-help was a pointless response to British colonialism
The British directly helped many Indians to set up their own businesses
The British put a lot of money into supporting Indian self-help groups

5 Questions

For many years, Australia was a penal colony for Britain. This meant that many of the very first settlers were ...
Correct answer: convicts
free settlers
British settlers in Australia used violence and the army to take land from Aboriginal people. These conflicts are known as ...
British wars
colony wars
Correct answer: frontier wars
land wars
Which of the following encouraged hundreds of thousands more free settlers to move to Australia in the 1850s?
Queen Victoria
self-government for the Australian colonies
Correct answer: the discovery of gold
the discovery of silver
How did many settlers justify taking land from Aboriginal people?
Correct answer: They claimed that Aboriginal people were an inferior 'race' and a 'backward' people, and therefore had no rights to the land.
They claimed that the Aboriginal people gave it to them.
They claimed that the Governor had forced them to take the land from Aboriginal people.
They claimed that they had paid the Aboriginal people for the land.
By the end of the nineteenth century, many Aboriginal people were forced to live in and not allowed to leave ...
big cities
Correct answer: reserves

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