Should MPs be allowed to vote electronically?

Should MPs be allowed to vote electronically?

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  1. In this lesson, we will consider how MPs vote in the House of Commons. We will examine how MPs voted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact the pandemic had on voting. It then explores if the House of Commons should retain digital voting.


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5 Questions

What is digital democracy?
Expressing your personal opinion on social media
Correct answer: The use of digital and online methods to support key functions of democracy
The use of maths within democracy
Voting at a polling station
Which campaign provided us with an example of successful direct digital democracy?
Digital Britain
Electronic Estonia
Correct answer: Virtual Taiwan
Which campaign provided us an example of successful electronic voting?
Digital Britain
Correct answer: Electronic Estonia
Virtual Taiwan
Why might voting online disadvantage some groups in society? Select TWO
It wouldn't! Voting online would be great for everyone
Correct answer: Some may not feel confident in using digital technologies
Correct answer: Some may not have access to digital technology
Which of the following are potential problems for digital democracy? Choose TWO
Increase participation, particularly within younger generations
Correct answer: Non-inclusive for all
Correct answer: Potential for fraud and/or hacking
Saves money

5 Questions

In which House do MPs vote on proposed government policy and laws?
Correct answer: House of Commons
House of Lords
What is the name of the lobbies where MPs divide to vote?
Correct answer: Aye and Nay
Aye and No
No and Possibly
Yes and Maybe
Which of the following arguments supports keeping digital voting in the House of Commons?
Digital systems may exclude those who are digitally illiterate
The digital systems are complex to learn
The digital systems are expensive to maintain
Correct answer: The digital systems are safer, especially when COVID-19 is impacting society
Which of the following arguments supports the return to in person voting in the House of Commons?
It allows MPs to access from anywhere
Correct answer: It is a well established system, which MPs are familiar with.
It reduces to spread of COVID-19
Once the software is understood, it is very easy to use
What is the role of the teller?
Alerts MPs to the presence of the Monarch
Correct answer: Counts the votes in the aye and nay lobbies
Oversees debate in the House
Votes in decisions

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