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  1. In this lesson, we will explore the structure of the League of Nations and the events of the 1920s. We will start to judge how successful the League was in its early years.


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5 Questions

What was the League of Nations?
An organisation set up so that nations could compete with each other.
Correct answer: An organisation set up so that nations could discuss and solve their problems instead of going to war.
An organisation set up to punish Germany following the Treaty of Versailles.
Which of these options was NOT an aim of the League of Nations?
Correct answer: Consider how else Germany could be punished for the First World War.
Stop war.
Uphold and enforce the Treaty of Versailles.
What was the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
An agreement that Britain and France were the strongest countries in the League of Nations.
An agreement that the armies of the member states of the League of Nations could be used for war.
Correct answer: An agreement to ban war.
An agreement to keep Germany out of the League of Nations for as long as possible.
What did the Corfu Crisis of 1923 show?
That Britain and France never agreed on any decisions made within the League of Nations.
That the League of Nations had no power to solve disputes.
Correct answer: That the League of Nations had some power to solve disputes.
Which of these statements about the League of Nations is true.
Correct answer: The League could sometimes pressurise small states to do what they wanted (but not powerful ones).
The League of Nations was kind to Germany which meant that there was less tension in Europe.
The League of Nations was very successful at making countries meet their aim of disarmament.

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