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  1. In this lesson, we will use Scratch to implement our designed algorithms as a program. We will run this program to test if it correctly uses selection to control the outcomes and will debug as necessary. Once we have completed our programs, we will consider the value of sharing it with others to collect feedback.


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3 Questions

Which actions will take place if the user answers correctly?
Move 15 steps and change colour
Move 15 steps and change size by 10
Correct answer: Move 15 steps and turn 360 degrees
Move 25 steps and change colour
Follow the algorithm. Which phrase will be included in the program for 'say' block 'A'?
Well done!
Correct answer: Wrong
Which user answers would make the program display 'Wrong'?
Correct answer: 2 x 2
Correct answer: 22
Correct answer: 4

3 Questions

A user of this program said, “I have used selection but when I enter the wrong answer, nothing happens.” Why did nothing happen?
The condition answer is incorrect
Correct answer: The selection command only controls one outcome
The time it was displayed was too short
There is no forever loop in the program
Which program will have an outcome every time key 'p' is pressed?
Correct answer: C
The program below is not working when key 'space' is pressed. Why not?
It is missing a condition block
It is missing a repetition block
It is missing a selection block
Correct answer: It is missing an event block

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