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  1. In this lesson, we will start to learn how the Enlightenment ideas we learnt about in the previous lessons started to cause revolutions in distant parts of the world. This lesson will give us some background about the Americas.


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5 Questions

Which of the following were Enlightenment ideas?
Correct answer: People have natural rights and should show religious toleration
That women should have the vote
The Bible should be read and interpreted by individuals
The Pope is the supreme religious authority
What names were given to the meetings where enlightenment ideas were spread?
Correct answer: Salons
The Royal Society
Which of the following are Enlightenment thinkers?
Columbus and Marco Polo
Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci
Luther and Calvin
Plato and Aristotle
Correct answer: Voltaire and Rousseau
Which of the following best defines 'Enlightened Despot':
Correct answer: A powerful monarch who chooses to use their power to introduce Enlightenment reforms
A powerful monarch who chooses to use their power to persecute Enlightenment thinkers
A system of government where the people decide what is the most enlightened way to live
An Enlightenment thinker who opposes absolute monarchy
An Enlightenment thinker who supports absolute monarchy
Which of the following groups were the least affected by Enlightenment thinking?
The aristocracy
The bourgeoisie
Correct answer: The peasantry

5 Questions

What name is given to the American lands controlled by Britain in the eighteenth century?
Land of the free
Correct answer: The 13 Colonies
The New World
The Plantation States
The United States of America
Which of the following was an absolute monarchy in the eighteenth century?
Correct answer: Russia
The 13 Colonies
Which of the following is the best definition of the word 'colonist'?
A British member of the bourgeoisie
A part of the world which is controlled (partially or totally) by another country
Correct answer: Someone who lives in a colony
Someone who was involved in the slave trade
The idea that sovereignty is held by the people and not monarchs
Some people migrated to the Americas because of religious persecution in Europe. What does 'persecution' mean?
A wide range of different beliefs being held in a society
Allowing people a large amount of freedom of speech
Having a different religion from someone else
Respecting different peoples' beliefs
Correct answer: Treating someone badly because of different beliefs
Which of the following are two examples of the original 13 Colonies?
Canada and Jamaica
Cuba and the Bahamas
Florida and Louisiana
France and Spain
Correct answer: Massachusetts and Virginia

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