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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how the Abbasid Caliphate fell apart in different parts. We will also explore all of the different ways Baghdad was connected to the wider world at the time.


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5 Questions

Who did the caliphs bring to Baghdad to encourage learning?
Correct answer: Scholars
What was the name of the place in Baghdad where learning took place?
The House of Learning
Correct answer: The House of Wisdom
The School of Learning
The School of Wisdom
What technology was brought from China?
How to dig canals
Correct answer: How to make books
How to make silk
How to ride camels
Which advance was made by scholars in mathematics?
The idea of ten
Correct answer: The idea of zero
The use of tape measures
What did the Muslims discover about the Sun?
Correct answer: That the Earth revolved around the Sun.
That the stars revolved around the Sun.
That the Sun revolved around the Earth.
That the Sun was a god.

5 Questions

Which empire was the Abbasid Caliphate fighting in the ninth century?
Correct answer: The Eastern Roman Empire
The Fatimids
The Mongol Empire
The Persian Empire
What problem did caliphs face by the end of the ninth century?
Correct answer: Local rulers were breaking away from Baghdad.
People were not religious enough.
There was a shortage of food.
There wasn't enough silk being transported from China.
Who took power from the Abbasids in North Africa?
Correct answer: The Fatimids
The Persians
The Romans
The Seljuks
Who attacked Baghdad in 1157?
The Fatimids
The Mongols
The Romans
Correct answer: The Seljuks
Who attacked Baghdad in 1258?
The Fatimids
Correct answer: The Mongols
The Romans
The Seljuks

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