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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how the Normans gathered and organised information in the Domesday Book.


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5 Questions

Who was the most important religious figure in Europe?
Archbishop Lanfranc
Archbishop Stigand
Correct answer: The Pope
William of Normandy
Which position in the Church was new under Lanfranc?
Correct answer: Archdeacons
Which of these was NOT a reason why William thought the Church was corrupt?
Priests sometimes had more than one job
Priests sometimes sold jobs
Priests were getting married
Correct answer: The Pope was the head of the Church
How many Anglo-Saxon bishops were there by the end of William's reign?
Correct answer: One
Churches were rebuilt out of stone because...
It was cheaper
Correct answer: They could last longer and show the power of the Normans
To defend them from attack
William thought it looked better

5 Questions

The Domesday Book helped William to decide...
How many pigs he could kill for his next feast
Correct answer: How much to tax people
Where to build his next castle
Who to give land to next
William needed to know this in order to...
Be able to show the Anglo-Saxons how orga
Have money to pay the Saxon nobles whose land he had taken
Correct answer: To avoid making the Anglo-Saxons angry if he charged them too much
To fund his trips back to Normandy
William wanted to make sure that his taxes were a similar amount to...
Correct answer: Edward the Confessor's
Harald Hardrada's
Harold Godwinson's
He didn't, he wanted them to be much more
How long did it take to complete the survey?
Correct answer: 1 year
2 years
20 years
6 months
What helped the Normans to complete the survey quickly?
The Anglo-Saxons were happy to help them
They got some trusted Anglo-Saxons to do the work for them
They spoke the same language as the Saxons
Correct answer: They used the same way that the Anglo-Saxons had divided and organised the land to save time

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